3 Best Smartwatches for Kids

smartwatch for kids

Nowadays, more and more parents are eager to find a smart watch for kids with calling/GPS, because they want to track their child at all times, that they can know whether their child is safe, while the child is playing outdoor.

Through this guide you’ll know what’s the best smartwatch for a child, also, you can choose a smartwatch for teenagers. After extensive testing, we’ve picked out the 3 best kids’ smart watches that you can afford.

What Is the Best Smartwatch for A Kid?

The best kids smartwatch is far more than design as a wristwatch, it needs to include GPS tracking, so that you can know where your child all day time, furthermore including fitness tracker, with calls, and even with games due to some kids want in on the high-tech fun.

Here Are the Best Smartwatches for Kids 2021:

Apple Watch SE Smartwatch for Teenager

The Apple Watch SE may the best smartwatches that you can purchase if you don’t mind the money. It may be too powerful for younger children under 8-years-old, but for teens easier to use it.

It inherits all the functions of watch 6, it does well in tracking your child’s fitness and make them pay attention to their health and wellness. It also with calling and text message capabilities, thus you can call them at any time, that you don’t worry about your kids can’t call/text you vice versa.

The Apple Watch SE is designed with 3 different colors, you can choose gold, silver, and space gray, which depend on your own needs.

Letsfit IW1 Smart Watch

If you are looking for an affordable smart watch for kids and a fitness tracker to help keep or improve their health and fitness, the IW1 smartwatch might be a good choice, I bet that you won’t find anything better under $50.

In the meantime, it has done all it can to bring you a more exclusive and unique experience, for example, offering SpO2 measurement functionality and our independently developed Letsfit App that is intuitively designed and includes detailed and useful fitness statics presented in a way that is easy to understand and helps you get fit.

Your child will be able to go on a wild workout in the rain, sweat to your heart’s desire. It doesn’t matter what you kids do, even if the watch gets submerged in water, IW1 is protected at all times, thanks to a waterproof nano-coating that stops water and keeps your device in tip-top shape at all times.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

If you are not very concerned about GPS tracking, as well as don’t want to spend too much budget on the smartwatch, then the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 may fit you.

The cheap smartwatch with durable design, and with kid-friendly tech. Your child will keep busy for hours, since it includes a variety of games, multiple activities, and snap hundreds of photos.

How to Choose A Kids Smart Watch?

I guess that you must be didn’t think that choose the best kids smartwatch need to consider a lot of factors, right? Actually, there are many things to think about, such as the watch functions, durability, battery life, GPS tracking, and the age of your child, etc.

We list the most important metrics that you need in mind, these will help you easier to choose a good smartwatch for kids.

1、The Age of Your Kids

Usually, the different age range of child, they pay different attention to smart watches, if your child just 6 years old, then a smartwatch that suited for the teen isn’t ideal. The kids that 4 years old only need a watch that will help them learn hours and minutes, older children will want more tech fun, such as fitness tracker, games, etc.

2、GPS Tracker

When you decide to buy a smartwatch for your kids, you may intend to see whether if it includes GPS tracking. Although some brand claims their smartwatches include GPS. But some of them are in-app GPS connectivity, this doesn’t need to put a sim card in the smartwatch, it just provides you with a map of the routes you have taken including distance-traveled, workouts, and more. Others will need you to put a SIM card, then you’ll be able to connect the watch to an app on your smartphone to track steps.

3、Two-Way Communication

Most smartwatches only allow you to read messages, but can’t reply to messages. As for calls, you need to link to your smartphone via Bluetooth and install the APP to respond. So if you want to be able to talk or text your kids and vice versa, then you may need a smartwatch for kid which equipped with a SIM card, commonly, it’ll also need you to get ready a memory card to store messaging or phone calls. therefore, you should consider that whether it has a two-way communication feature.

4、SOS Alerts

A smartwatch with SOS alerts is also a useful feature, with it, your child can send out an emergency alert to your smartphone when they in a dangerous situation.

5、Durability and Waterproof

A rugged smartwatch will be very important for your rough and tumble 6 years old child, in that case, they’ll not be able to destroy it easily.

Another feature you need to think about is waterproof, it would be best to choose a waterproof smartwatch for kids, this will allow your child can have a shower, wash hands without removing the watch.

6、Battery Life

Keep in mind the battery life when you purchase a smartwatch for your child. If the watch holds a decent battery, means that you don’t require more frequent charging, which will save worry a lot.

7、Ease of Use

Always remember to choose a smartwatch which easy to use, if you get a watch that needs you to constantly help, that will annoy both you and your kids. The smart watch for kids would better with big screens, a friendly button for children, and a wide wristband that easy to manipulate for 4-10-year-old kids.

8、Fitness Tracking Features

If the smartwatch includes fitness tracking such as a heart rate monitor, step count, sleep monitor. These are great for helping teenagers be more active and health-conscious.

Final Words

If you are planning to buy a smart watch for your kids, though, you may need to research this guide carefully, we’ve list the 3 great smartwatch for kids, and also teach you how to choose the best kids smart watch.

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