Celebrating Father’s Day 2021: Our Best Fitness Gifts for Dads Who Love Sports

Father’s Day is fast approaching. It can be difficult for some of us out there to find both useful and meaningful gifts for our fathers and father figures. What better present, in fact, than a purchase that meets a genuine need? And who doesn’t want to offer something and then hear their fathers exclaim, “It’s crazy, that’s exactly what I needed!”

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular current trends and the best Father’s Day gift ideas that we’ve found on the market. Is he into gadgets? Is he a golf enthusiast? Is there anything in particular he requires? From smart wearables to useful exercise equipment, this list has it all.

Equipment and clothing for a sporty dad

Looking for a gift for a dad who is more of the type to put on his sneakers than to watch a game with beer in hand? Offer him something to help him get out and about.

Even if it does not seem very original at first glance, giving sports equipment to a sports enthusiast is guaranteed to please. However, you will need to find out what your dad already has and what sports he prefers to play. Once you’ve figured this out, you can draw an idea from a very long list of products, of which here is a sample:

Weight equipment for working out at home, such as dumbbells, a pull-up bar, pump grips, or a complete fitness/strength training kit is definitely a decent place to start when thinking about gifts. If the price does not hold you back, turn to more substantial equipment, such as weight benches, that’s definitely sure to surprise.

If your dad does not have a favorite sport, you still have other choices such as an insulated water bottle, rollerblades, ping-pong table, mobile soccer goal, and more.

1. Fashion clothes and accessories

For Father’s Day cool gifts, you can also mention clothing and equipment, whether it’s specific to a sport or suitable for any activity. Among them, we think for example of the football or basketball outfit, with shoes, socks, shorts, and T-shirt.

Style is also important. Your dad will then appreciate a T-shirt bearing the badge of his favorite club or player. You can also choose a customizable T-shirt or sweatshirt, by opting for an offbeat message for example.

And if all this does not inspire you, you still have the gift card solution for a sports store!

2. Useful high-tech products

Today, in the gym as well as in club training or during running sessions, wearable tech products are good companions for sports sessions. It’s also a great gift idea for birthdays, Father’s Day, or any other significant holidays. Fitness trackers and smartwatches are among the most popular. These products are great as they typically track different types of activities. In addition, they are available at all prices, depending on your options and the quality of the product.

Letsfit IW2 smartwatch can monitor heart rate 12/7, which is an essential indicator for workout intensity and cardio health. Also, it allows you to measure your SpO2 (oxygen saturation level) with ease to let you know your fitness and health. 

3. Sports equipment

Sports equipment is also becoming connected, making training sessions more fun and improving performance. This is a rather original gift that will surprise a sport enthusiastic dad, and the list of products concerned is more and more extensive: basketball, football, tennis racket, sports shoes, bicycle helmet, weight bench as well as many other sports protective equipment.

Letsfit AE01 weight bench is an excellent addition to any home with a ton of adjustable features and even more storage space. It allows you to do all kinds of professional training at home, including bench presses, triceps, dips, pull over, and so much more. Our weight bench is made of heavy-duty steel pipe and has a stable triangle structure that is strong and able to withstand a maximum load-bearing weight of 770lbs, meaning that it will always be strong enough to let you do the toughest workouts.

4. On-board cameras

On-board cameras are also popular because they allow people who exercise regularly, such as athletes and especially thrill-seekers to keep a memory of their achievement. There are some for a variety of sports, with waterproof models, others, ultra-resistant, and still others, in miniature format.

5. Letsfit U8L earbud headphones, perfect for any run

Other cool gifts to give to your dad, friend, or husband are earbuds and headphones for listening to music while exercising. This is the perfect gift for a man who likes to stay in his bubble or needs motivation when running or cycling.

The Letsfit U8L earbud headphones have everything you need to get through those tough workouts and late-night runs. Our U8L sports Bluetooth headphones are ready to support you whether you’re working out in the rain, training for marathons, or simply going for a relaxing jog in the park.

Of course, in addition to a gift, don’t forget to plan a meal, it’s a great opportunity for everyone to gather around a table to celebrate!

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