Letsfit IW1 Smart Watch: The Best Affordable Fitness Companion for Everyone

letsfit iw1 smartwatch

Letsfit IW1 smartwatch allows you to kill two birds with one stone as it now offers all the benefits of being both a fashion accessory and a high-tech accessory at the same time.

Letsfit is one of the most affordable and popular smartwatch brands in the world. We particularly like the Letsfit iW1 for its ability to accurately track activities, and its touch-screen and easy-to-use menus. The best thing about it is that it allows you to manually measure your SpO2 level whenever you like, which is a competitive advantage over other smartwatches in the same price range. If you’re looking for a more affordable tracker, this smartwatch is for you.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how this smartwatch works, and whether we think it’s worth buying. 

Features and specs

If you expect the Letsfit IW1 to be the same as smartwatches from Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, and the other major smartwatch brands, then we’ll have to stop you right there (hold your horses, but hear us out on this). The price tells the story. Regardless, however, Letsfit IW1 can still surprise you with features and a good user experience. It has a wealth of features and comes with all the key features you’d expect from a smartwatch including heart rate detection, blood oxygen level (SpO2) measurements, sleep monitoring, and is paired with an exclusive Letsfit app to provide a more detailed statistical demonstration of your fitness data, which we think helps people see that its performance and design far exceed its retail price.

Health Tracking

With the ability to measure our heart rate, sleep stages, and complete an electrocardiogram in seconds, smartwatches are our true health allies. We know that they can count the number of steps we take each day, estimate how many calories we burn, and even accurately monitor how many times we run or swim. It is essential to keep us healthy because physical activity is indispensable in preventing cardiovascular disease. 

The Letsfit IW1 smartwatch is a good and useful heart rate monitor watch. To make sure your heart functioning properly, it keeps track of your heart rate when you’re working out or just having a rest and lets you know whenever your heart misses a beat. These are just some practical and effective solutions that could help you take better care of your heart. 

SpO2 measurements

spO2 measurements

Letsfit IW1 smartwatch has a built-in sensor that can help you understand how well your body is absorbing oxygen (or what we call SpO2) throughout the night when you sleep or even during the day.

The SpO2 measuring function on this watch is unique, for it supports both manual measurements at any specific time point and automatic monitoring throughout the night. This function will be greatly helpful for people with cardiopulmonary health conditions or people who stay in high altitude region areas.

Walk, run, dance, play, and get more exercise

Letsfit IW1 comes with 14 sport modes to suit your various workout needs, and each mode offers detailed and unique data graphs for you to view. In sports modes like outdoor run, walk, and cycle, you can even see travel routes via maps. It helps you get more accurate exercise stats to help you manage your fitness goal better.

Letsfit App

The Letsfit smartphone app can greatly improve your fitness experience. It allows you: 

a) to get to know your real-time heart rate, resting heart rate, heart rate range during workouts quickly and easily, and know if and when you step outside of your usual heart rate range with intuitive heart rate warnings; 

b) to get insightful sleep analysis and promotes better health by helping you build regular sleeping habits with a sleep management system; and 

c) to encourage you to work out and get fit, making your fitness journey more fun than before.

How to Use the Letsfit App with IW1 Smartwatch

IP68 Waterproof

Go on a wild workout in the rain, sweat to your heart’s desire. It doesn’t matter what you do, even when your watch gets submerged in water, the Letsfit IW1 is protected at all times thanks to a waterproof nano-coating that stops water and keeps your device in tip-top shape.

More functionalities

Besides these key features, this smartwatch also comes with a bunch of interesting and useful functions and features including smart notifications, changeable watch faces, breathing training, music control, alarms, timers, adjustable brightness, a stopwatch, 7 days battery life, and more for you to explore.

How does it work to help improve your fitness?

How does Letsfit IW1 monitor your heart rate?

Enter the heart rate interface, your watch will track your real-time heart rate automatically and continuously. You can view your detailed heart rate data on the watch screen or in our app. To monitor heart rate more accurately, wear the watch on the upper position of your wrist and a bit tighter than usual when you exercise. Remember to make sure you complete your profile in the app for more accurate results!

Besides measuring your real-time heart rate via your watch, you will also get more detailed data regarding your heart rate via the Letsfit App.

How to monitor your SpO2 with Letsfit IW1

Letsfit IW1 Smart Watch monitors your SpO2 during your sleep (this function needs to be turned on via the Letsfit App), and generates a graph of your SpO2 level variations during your sleep, giving deeper insights into your health. And you can also measure your SpO2 whenever you want, wherever you want, right on your wrist.

How to measure heart rate and blood oxygen level

Measuring SpO2 levels on your watch

To monitor your SpO2 levels during your sleep simply open the Letsfit App, find your device, and switch on the Blood Oxygen setting. Letsfit IW1 will now automatically monitor your SpO2 during sleep time.

How does the Letsfit smartwatch know if you’re asleep?

The Letsfit IW1 smartwatch will automatically detect when you sleep and tracks your sleep cycles, interruptions, and more. All your sleep data can be graphically displayed via our Letsfit App, including your sleep duration, sleep stages (light, deep, REM, and awake stages), and you can even view your oxygen saturation levels making sleep analysis even more comprehensive.

How to view detailed activity data

The main way to know when you’re asleep is through your body movement and heart rate. While we switch positions during sleep and may twitch some during our dreams, we’re generally a whole lot more still when we’re asleep than when we’re awake. This makes body movement a useful indicator for measuring your sleep vs. your awake status and your overall time asleep. Besides, sleep trackers with a heart rate tracking feature can measure your variations in heart rate (or lack thereof) to assess when you’re asleep or awake. Above data collection are our algorithm to tell you how much awake, light sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep time you have had.

Advantages vs. disadvantages

Here are the pros and cons we found in our product testing. 

Many features and new product innovationsSometimes lacks autonomy
Allows you to manually measure your SpO2 levelSeveral resets are required
Excellent sealingConnection and pairing are sometimes tedious
Lightweight & Comfortable
Good value for money


The price of the Letsfit iW1 smartwatch is impressive. It’s more elegant than a fitness tracker, and the refined look makes it a beautiful watch to wear every day. Also, its GPS connectivity and heart rate monitor provide movement functions, ensuring very reliable quality. Whether you choose it as an accessory for your phone or as a sports function, this smartwatch has many advantages and is sure not to disappoint.

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